Rusa kosa yimom, fibichki si nemam,
zemi mena, porvo lube, i ya da yimam.
Πομάκοι, Ξάνθη, Θράκη

004. Dentro kai kounia en

Musicological Collaboration & Participation in Indoor Shootings

The movie "The Tree and the Swing" is a story about family and reconciliation. At the heart of the film lies this simple idea; that life would be a very lonely journey if we lost our ability to share it with those we love, and those in need of our love. Played against the political changes that have taken place in the Balkans since the war, the film interweaves family drama and historical circumstance in a modern tale about the relentless movement of people, repentance, acceptance and love. The official screening of the film in Greek theaters began on February 6th, 2014.

Research Centre for Greek Singing with its members: Apostolia Gkiali, Vaso Xanthaki and Fotis Michalopoulos participated in indoor shootings. In these shootings and especially in the musical part there has been musicological collaboration with Vivi G. Kanellatou on the interpretation and performance of traditional music pieces.




Director: Maria Ntouza
Screenwriter: Maria Ntouza (based on an idea by Eleni Atsikbasis)
DoP: Zafiris Epaminondas
Music: Anna Stereopoulou
Editor: Giannis Kostavaras

Principal Cast: Mirto Alikaki, Mirjanna Karanovic, Ilias Logothetis, Nikos Orfanos


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